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White Sheet

Artist Statement

The drive to create textile pieces stems from my childhood surrounded by artists and women who sewed. I have an unending curiosity to understand our human connection to textile and unpick the narratives they express, as well as using my small platform as an artist to incite conversation about things close to my heart, including the use of sustainable material practices. 
I believe that artistic and craft-based emotional expression can offer an outlet for resistance in the face of an uncertain world, and the empowerment of this creative resistance can lead to a sense of strength and resilience, allowing ultimately for opportunities of positive regeneration towards a more confident, self-reliant and materially intelligent population. Could art be one of the solutions to reconnect people to a happier and healthier existence on and with our planet? 
I draw inspiration from a wide range of contemporary and historical art, craft, social and political movements, and my imagination is always fuelled by literature, mythology, and poetry. My hand stitched textile pieces are inspired by classical notions of tapestries and embroideries as narrative objects – recording human expression and experience across all levels of society. I explore broad themes including mental health, misinformation, politics, social issues, ecological issues, pop culture and contemporary humour through stitched visual imagery, allegory, and symbology. 
I hope these works invite you to contemplate, converse, and rediscover how using your hands can connect you to your power and your voice.

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